Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Time in a Bottle, Giveaways, and Other News.

Desi on a bottle by djkreutzer

I've been hanging back from the interwebs lately. Feeling a little like I needed a break from the distractions it provides me with. I land in the wonderful world of the web sometimes, and I turn it into a bit of a staycation, even when I should be doing other things. I know, I know...we are supposed to be gentle with ourselves, and be ok with where we are. So should I be saying that I should be doing other things? Well, if the truth is that I'm avoiding everything else to be on the interwebs - then I say a little shoulding on myself is in order. And it was in order. Here I am on what is really the beginning of the week, and I am on the web. The difference today after a bit of break, is that I am taking care of business. The web is part of my business, and making time to use it effectively is important. So I put a cap on it, put the time in a bottle, and put a cap on it. Now I can freely do what I need to do within limits. And my little secret? I will be back on later for some fun, as a treat for other work that I will do today. It's a win win. And that makes me smile.

Now onto business.

I wanted to let you know that I am taking part in a great giveaway, a 2nd anniversary blogtacular. Michelle Ward of When I Grow Up Coach is hosting 5 days of giveaways. This is day 2, so get your buns over there and see what she has going on before it's over! The good news is...she is taking entries until 6/8 and will announce all of the winners on 6/9. You can have one entry per giveaway day, and on some days she has multiple prizes! My rings will be featured on Thursday the 3rd, so make sure you enter for your chance to win. And if you don't know Michelle have a looksy at her site, she has an amazing coaching business, and she is so freaking adorable it almost hurts (in a good way of course).

In other news, I finally posted a facebook fanpage for olive & hope so get on over there and "Like" me if you wouldn't mind too awfully much. That would be just peachy of you! I'm hoping that having a page on facebook will make it easier to direct people to the rings - they can simply search olive & hope and find them. I am so grateful to those of you who have been passing out business cards (and keep running out), and to those of you who have purchased, and/or have shared my etsy page. It means so much to me. I have not been known to be the best marketer in the world, but I'm working on finding ways that feel right and good to me and my heart.

*the lovely photo of Desi on a bottle was taken by the most amazing djkreutzer of hippyurbangirl.com


  1. Hi Danette! I came to visit from Michelle's blog - (I'm featured today too!)

    Just wanted to say hi and what a lovely shop you have!

  2. Thanks Jessica for popping in! :)I love your photos.


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