Friday, January 15, 2010

Thoughts on Haiti.

I have been feeling very melancholy the last several days, and keeping to myself except for the occasional retweet that I feel inspired to do when I'm lurking on twitter and blogs. Part of the melancholy is due to the situation in Haiti, and the other part is an inner shift with me. I haven't found the words to adequately describe the inner shift, and truthfully, I don't feel like now is the proper time.

The people of Haiti need our attention, love, blessings, donations, whatever form of help we can give. And while I was on Twitter today, I saw that Kelly Diels had posted a blog challenge to help inspire as many people as possible to do something. We all know the state of the economy, we all feel it. But there is something that can be done - whether it's anonymous, whether you have a service/product to offer and will donate the proceeds, whether you donate a large amount or a small amount, whether you are saying prayers, whether you will blog about it to help shed a light, whatever it counts.

 I read a comment on a blog this morning and the person said something to the effect of - if we all put our drop in the bucket, eventually it will overflow. And that's so true. It's easy to feel like we don't have enough, but the truth is that we have a hell of a lot more than the people in Haiti right now. There are many options - do what feels right for you. You can text yele to 501 501 and $5 goes on your next phone bill, or you can text Haiti to 90999 and $10 goes to the Red Cross. You can give to Oxfam , Doctors Without Borders , Clinton Foundation or Unicef . These are just a few examples of charities, many blogs have provided more complete lists, but I wanted to put a few out there.

Just don't feel small. Because we are all one, and if we all do something, then not only do the people of Haiti benefit, but so do we individually and collectively. I'm doing my personal thing to donate, you do yours...all drops in a bucket and it overflows.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Trees. Women. Beauty. And BS.

I have been a little too inspired by CED 2010. My mind has been going. And going. And going. Which can either be good or bad. You see if you know me, you know that I have the tendancy to get into my head. I've talked about it little problem with analysis paralysis. That's the bad part of it. But the good part is that it has me feeling so inspired! I'm flexing my creative muscles. I work them out on a regular basis, but you know when you change up your feel it in places you haven't in a while? And it feels gooood. *Just thought I'd share what's going on in the noggin, now on to the topic at hand...

Body is the theme for January . I have been thinking of it in every sense of the word. And one of the paths that I travelled...whilst thinking...was the tree. So I had a little adventure the other day. I went around checking out trees bodies, taking in all of their uniqueness, loving them for being them - just the way they are.  Each and every tree was different and beautiful...some were short, some were tall, some were thin, some were not so thin, some with smooth bark, some with not so smooth bark, some were barren, some were full of leaves, some had crooked trunks, some had perfect posture, some were a little brittle, and some were oozing succulence. My adventure with the trees made me think about women and the way we perceive beauty.

We as women are often either too hard on ourselves, too hard on others, or some combination of the two. Every one of us is different...but each of us are beautiful. Made perfect right from the very beginning - as are the trees I photographed. One of the things that I feel so passionate about is empowering women and girls. We should grow up understanding that we are perfect. We all deserve that. 

Notice the beauty in the women around you today. In every shape and size. With all of the different characteristics that each holds. See the beauty in those differences. Including those you see in the mirror. You are beautiful.

Whether you are in a great place. A blue place. A lost place. An on top of the world place. No matter where you are... or how you are. Know that we continue to have the beauty. It doesn't go away. We may forget about it. We may believe something that someone else has said about us. We may believe something that we say to ourselves when we look in the mirror. But the truth is, our beauty is inherent. In our cells, and in our souls. The trees know it - they don't have to deal with all of that BS.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This Day. Five Years Ago.

The first few days of the year have taken on a new meaning for me, in the last 5 years. I want to say that I am unaware of the cause of it - but I'm not really. These last few days I've been feeling it... but not acknowledging it  - until today. I lost someone very close to me this day. January 5. Five years ago. I was feeling so upbeat and so empowered to take on 2010; I went from feeling like I was going to rule the year, to a withered, and sunken place. There was much that went with him that day. Things that I never got to say. So many untied loose ends. Anger. Sadness. Love. Pain.

I want to honor these feelings I've been having today, and honor the life that was lost too soon. To do that I must acknowledge them, and give them the attention that they deserve. In doing this, I am giving myself the permission I need to move forward. To get started on the year ahead, embrace what is to come, and to live with purpose. This has been the pattern for the last five years, and I accept it. This day is forever changed for me. And I am forever changed because of it.

At the end of this post, I can sit with a smile and a full heart. Because growth is oh so good! If I truly reflect...I don't think I've given my feelings the full breadth of acknowledgement that they deserve until this year, on this day. In fact, I think that the last 4 years have gotten off to a slower start because of it. With that - I now officially step into 2010 with a smile and a full heart :)

More Blogging, More Interacting.

In an effort to get myself blogging on a regular basis, I am taking part in two blog prompt challenges (which I'd like to call opportunities - makes me feel better about it). The first is Creative Every Day 2010 by Leah Piken Kolidas (which from here on out will be referred to as CED 2010). And the other is The Mindfulist from Gwen Bell . I am looking forward to participating in both! I just thought I would share my intention with all of you, to blog more, and to interact with you more. What are you doing more of this year? Are any of you planning to participate in either of the above?