Friday, May 28, 2010

Gratitude and Memorial Day.

My Grandpa in the Army - WWII

It's been awhile since I posted; let alone done a Friday's F post. Today I am showing up to honor my Grandpa Jack as part of my Friday series, and also because it is Memorial Day weekend. He is one of my Favorite people, and he served our glorious country in WWII. No matter what our stance is on war, we must always honor those who have served. They put their lives on the line. Every one of them. No matter their beliefs, or feelings about the reason they are there. They show up, and risk it all. For me, for you, for our country. I honor that this weekend...and always. My thoughts are with all those who have served, are currently serving, all of the families that stay behind and wait for their loved ones, and all of the families who have lost loved ones. You are all on my gratitude list.