Monday, December 7, 2009

Best Blog Discoveries of 2009.

December 7 Blog find of the year. That gem of a blog you can't believe you didn't know about until this year.

Being a designer I've had an unending list of design inspired blogs that I regularly read; however this was a year of personal growth and admiration for women who are open, courageous, and authentic. Because of that, there are so many new blogs that I discovered this year {in fact, this is a gentle reminder to get a full list of my faves up on olive & hope}. One of the coolest things ever is discovering a new blog! I have a long list of those I religiously read, but of course...the question is best of 2009. So here we go. A few of the blogs I found this year, and sometimes wonder, what was life like before I found them??

lisa field-elliot of doorways traveler  amazing, raw, inspired, beautiful

Brene Brown of Ordinary Courage how did I live without reading your blog??

Melissa of  Operation Nice  The do-gooder in me loves you.

amanda oaks and jenn gibson of kind over matter always full of kind minded good stuff.

Valentina Ramos of feeling inspired  Your artwork makes me smile, and so does your spirit.

Gwen Bell of - Big Love in a Small World You inspire me to take on the world. Perhaps while wearing a sassy dress and drinking a good beer.

These are just a few of the blogs that I fell in love with this year. My heart is full of admiration for all of the talented, brave, open, perfectly imperfect and exceptionally fabulous women I have discovered this year.  I am looking forward to another year with all of my current blog loves (both old and new), and to a new year of blog finds.


  1. Can't wait to check out the others - I too am inspired by Gwen Bell and Brene's Ordinary Courage (btw - were you part of the Read-along?)

  2. Thank you so much for including my blog in your list :) I'm enjoying the other blogs!

  3. This made my day! Like Valentina, I'm having fun exploring your recommendations! And, I just love "olive + hope" - lovely!

  4. Karen - seems like we both have great taste in blogs, and inspiring women! Sadly I wasnt a part of the read along, but I have been making my way thru the archives :) I love your blog, I can always use a little more fun!

    Valentina - How could I not include you? You were one of my happiest blog finds this year :)

    Shannon - so glad that you're enjoying the blogs. I'll be checking in on your blog to see the great etsy posts.

    Brene - you rock my world! Really. Thanks for the blog love.

  5. Ooh! One of my favorite things - a list of lovely new blogs to poke around! Thank you!!


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