Monday, March 14, 2011

perfectly me

I have so much swirling in me right much I want to write about, talk about...The Create Stillness Retreat was amazing. So amazing. The women. The place. All of it. I have been sitting with all that happened on our weekend together...processing, and remembering the magic. I don't know that I have words for all of it yet, and my heart has been with those in Japan. So I'm not going to try today. I did find this note written to myself in my journal in June of 2010, and thought I would share it as a part of my love notes series.

i do not need to be more organized. be a better house keeper. be more outgoing. make faster decisions. make perfect decisions. do more of anything. be more of anything. make more of anything. make better anything, in order to be better. i am already perfect. perfectly me.

sharing stillness by the sea - shot by me

one thing I will say about this weekend, is that it was a very good reminder to be present to what is....and reading this love note to myself reminded me of that. what are you being present to today? are you feeling aware of your perfection?


  1. So much gratitude for you. Sending you love...

  2. Danette,
    I cherish you, your creativity, your style, your vibrant way of being in the world. You shine so brightly and I feel incredibly honored to have shared the magical weekend with you.

  3. i am always so incredibly shocked when i look at old journals (of mine)... as if the entries... not written by me. magic bits that speak to me when i most need it. i am being present with the gift of friendship far and wide (and near!). thank you for the reminder. xo

  4. Sounds like a wonderful experience. I'm so glad you were able to feel wrapped up in loving's so important to have these reminders!

  5. thank you lovelies. my heart is full reading all of your words. celina, valerie, jojo, and sara...i am so blessed that each of you are in my world. xo


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