Saturday, February 26, 2011


Some things that I am thrilled about right now:

above is the moodboard we created for the women's shelter that a friend and I are designing. It's a completely pro bono job, and we are responsible for providing everything in the room, so it may not look exactly like this. But, it's the look we are going for. We already have 2 of the things on the board - the floral fabric on the left side is our main fabric (and where are color scheme is being pulled from), and the yellow keep calm and carry on poster was donated by Victoria at sfgirlbybay. We are looking for donations for everything in the room: twin size headboard, all bedding, pillows, lamps, artwork, desk, desk chair, bedside tables, dresser, paint, accessories, window treatments, etc. We hope to make the room a lovely haven for the women who will live in it during their time of transition. It will be a happy space full of aqua, yellow, hot pink, and some purple (along with some white and neutrals of course).

The premier (Feb. 26) of Secrets from a Stylist on HGTV!! I can't wait for this. Emily Henderson rocks my socks. I've always felt strongly about pulling colors, style, etc. out of someone's wardrobe and translating that into their home. Emily draws from that too. Mixing styles, and adding in quirkiness...her show is so right up my alley.

Attending an upcoming retreat - Creating Stillness. It's next weekend! So this time next week I will be inhaling sea air and eucalyptus, breathing a lot, unplugging, and BEing with a fabulous group of women. I cannot wait. Seriously.

I signed up for a yoga workshop with Tim Miller. I knew deep down that yoga was for me...I just didn't know how much it would mean to me. How much it would change me. *Off the workshop literature - "Traditionally yoga practice is designed as a "work in" method to penetrate and heal the body, to bring clarity and calmness to the mind, and ultimately to reconnect us with our own immortal Soul. In this workshop we will explore the inner landscape through a systematic and progressive practice of asana, pranayama, mantra and meditation."* I will be waiting about a month for this one...patiently waiting....

I'm feeling full of gratitude for where I am. Whether I'm feeling fear, or fearlessness, and sometimes both...I am happy to be here. Open to whatever comes, and feeling buoyed by the swell that I feel moving in my life right now.


  1. What a beautiful gift you are giving these women. You have such a kind heart....
    I am so excited to hear more about that class you signed up for...It sounds totally transcending...I could use a little om around here.
    Have the MOST AMAZING time at your "Creating Stillness" retreat!!!! SO HAPPY for you! xox

  2. Hi Danette, I would love to volunteer to send you a pillow or two like the following link. I can make them in white/off-white and yellow for the room. When would you need them by? And what size would you like? Send me an email if you are interested: tania(at)manusmade(dot)com.

    Tania xo


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