Friday, February 25, 2011

my new art supply storage

happy friday!

I'm sitting here breathing in every ounce of this lovely Friday morning. It's chilly outside, the birds are singing, and I'm very aware of my breath. I moved some furniture around in my house, and it's amazing what one simple change can do. My art/work space (studio) has been our dining room table, which is open to our living space. No room for storage, so when I get my art supplies out - they are everywhere! It's a process to put them away, and pull them back out again. It involves some deep thought on my part. And frankly, sometimes I let it keep me from creating. I told C that I wanted to push our table up against the wall and use it more as a studio table (he was unconvinced).

On Wednesday something came over me, and I took matters into my own hands. I started moving things around...and something shifted in me. I was excited, motivated, and planning some needed additions to my new studio space. Some storage, a change to the wall above my table - an inspiration board (where I can pin ideas, and things that inspire me), a collection of art, some wall bins, and a mirror (because my back is to the rest of the room - and this is bad feng shui, and I definitely don't want that). I found this storage piece at a flea market, I loved it, and thought I was going to resell it (that's it above...made by singer for sewing storage - now going to house paint and other art making tools). Since I've been painting more, it dawned on me that it could solve one of my creative blocks...if I store some of my art supplies in it. The ones that I use most often...then they will be easier to access! {and it tucks easily under my table}. Meaning, that I am making it easy for myself. Ah have been a good student.

I will post some pics of my space as it develops. I feel so good about it. I finally have a space to work, create, write and BE, that makes me feel inspired. Oh, and a little side note - C has been converted! He is thrilled for me and my little space.

Do you have any of those things in your life that create obstacles or blocks for you? Whether it's a storage/organizational thing, or simply moving some furniture around. What one change could you make today to make it a little easier for you? The tiniest things can create a ripple effect.

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