Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sharing Goes a Long Way.

Watching this video not only made me smile...it made me think about the amazing bonds we feel with people whom we've met via the interwebs (many of whom we've never met in real life). This shows the power of friendship when it's expressed in its truest form, from a place of authenticity and non judgement. When we recognize another being for who they really are. When we feel comfortable enough with another being to BE who we really are. It can't be explained. It just is. And that. Is. Beautiful.

I adore seeing pure expressions of love, like the ones you see in the video. It makes a case for what I believe - which is that we are all connected, it's possible to all get along regardless of race, religion, sex or breed, and that a little sharing goes a long way! Thank you for sharing this space with me, and I hope that when and if we do meet IRL it will be a pure unadulterated celebration of friendship like that of Surya and Roscoe's.


  1. OH MY GOD!!! I'm IN LOVE with Surya. Seriously. Makes me want to shuck my life to hang out at that compound. Tooooo cute!

  2. it made me pretty damn happy Emma! Had to share it, I think I might just have to watch it again now in fact! :)


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