Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Sea of Blue and Green.

 rings by olive & hope

she swims in a whirly swirly sea of blue and green.
no concern if her vision is crystal or murky.
she allows herself to be supported by its beauty.
to revel in the purity of the moment.
to feel the sand between her toes.
to move gracefully through it.
to embrace her place in the world.
to be taken by its beauty.
to BE in the midst of it all.

tossed around by the whirly surf.
she lands on the shore amongst the seaweed.
she feels the weight of it all.
and breathes in deep.
her lungs filling with possibility.
her mind feeling tousled and awakened.
her heart bursting open.

she basks in the warmth of sunshine.
looking to the clouds for shapes and inspiration.
feeling elated and ready.
encircled by sea glass
and sea shells.
she clearly hears its call.


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  2. dar, your beautiful words inspired me to write a little poetry myself! xoxo


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