Friday, April 30, 2010

oh friday.

This is how I'm feeling this fine Friday; I thought I would express it through photo. If you could express your feelings through photos today...what would they look like?


  1. that is AWESOME!! i just might steal this from you and call it "how i feel photo fridays" .... now you've got me thinkin' and searchin'... you're kind of a genius!!

    as for how i'm feeling, it's not friday, but i'll be back with a photo to share on that.

  2. You are totally inspiring me to be creative again. Thank you :)

  3. Thank-you SO MUCH for the kind and thoughtful words you left over on my blog. I have just claimed the title of ARTIST for myself... I understand being in a place of "re-inventing" yourself. What I am learning lately is that it's also about remembering the part of ourselves we have managed to's about rediscovering and uncovering what has always been there... I look forward to seeing you uncover these beautiful parts that sit waiting inside your big open heart.

    Danielle xox

  4. Dian thanks for making me feel momentarily like a genius! ;)

    Alana I can't tell you how good it feels to unleash the creativity. Especially after it's been napping! Happy to have rubbed off on you.

    Danielle you are so right about remembering those parts that we have buried, and or hidden. It feels so good, and so scary at times...but so worth it. I'm wishing for a world where we are free of fear to let our light shine - all of the time.


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