Friday, April 9, 2010

Fun With Fabrics.

I am feeling the need to get the sewing machine out, so this is where I'm at this lovely a pile of fabrics. Fun with fabrics on a Friday afternoon! I have had stacks of fabric laying around, and zippers coming out of my ears, so the time has come to sew some zippered pouches. I would love to add some to the etsy shop too - that's been one of my goals.

I am especially in love with the hot pink car fabric. It was a splurge! I'll make sure to show off whatever I make with it and the other fabrics here, and if I have more than one somethings...maybe you can carry one around too. I love to combine fabrics. It feels so good to have my hands on these textiles.

Today I think I will be cutting which is the hardest part for me - being a recovering perfectionist and all. Once everything is cut, the real fun can begin! And while sewing makes me want to pull my hair out is also very soothing to me. It's like a good therapy session....with tangible results. Face some fears. Express some emotion and maybe some expletives. Let it all go. Walk away feeling a sense of accomplishment.

What will you be doing this weekend? Anything fun? Facing any fears? Expressing any emotion? Letting go? Accomplishing anything?

I hope that whatever you have some fun. xo

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