Thursday, April 22, 2010

Being Present and Rediscovering - My Earth Day Celebration

South Laguna Beach, California
Breathing deeply on this Earth Day. Taking in all of the beauty that is available to me every day. I do cherish it, and am so appreciative of our Earth - always. Her beauty is abundant, and readily available. It's everywhere we look. Today, I will be looking for something I may not have noticed in awhile...some form of earthly beauty that may be underappreciated by some, or by me. I'm not sure what that will be yet, but I'm excited at the prospect of it! By being present, I will allow time for rediscovering something that I may take for granted on a daily basis....I'll report back and let you know what I find.

How will you be celebrating the earth today? If you want to play along with me, leave a comment telling me what you rediscovered today.

*Update of my findings throughout the day*

1. blades of grass really have personality! each one is unique
2. reflections in puddles are quite beautiful
3. palm trees swaying look like a graceful dance
4. purple! I've really been paying attention to the greens and the yellows
5. the sunlight through the clouds is highlighting the yellow on the hill across from me. it looks like a painting
6. the last sliver of sunset last night full of all shades of blue, pinks, greys, browns and purples. I always appreciate the sunsets, but this one had even more colors than most. A perfect ending to Earth Day.


  1. beautiful...the photo and the words. can't wait to hear what you discover.
    i have a drive in traffic across the bay today, and i'll see what i can rediscover during that time :)

  2. Tara thanks for stopping in again. Oh, a drive across the bay is surely a fertile ground for earthly goodness! Can't wait to hear about your findings.

  3. I too can't wait to hear what you discover. Today, I discovered an extra large dewdrop on the starshaped leaf of a mini Lupin. It magnified the leaf upon which it rested and reflected the trees above.

    What a great intention to carry forth every day.

    Love the pic too. Laguna Beach, a favorite spot.

    - Kathy

  4. Kathy thanks for popping in! That makes me smile wide :) Laguna is in my neck of the woods, I love it too. That view in the photo is from one of my favorite walks. I will definitely be carrying this intention forward. Your discovery sounds amazing!

  5. I feel really peaceful looking at that photo! What gorgeous scenery!

  6. Everyday is earth day!
    Happy Earth Day!


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