Thursday, March 11, 2010

Where Worthiness Lives.

It’s being talked about everywhere I turn. Worthiness. Abundance. As you may already know, I’ve claimed embracing abundance as one of my primary focuses of the year. And when it comes down to it…abundance and worthiness go hand in hand. If you don’t feel worthy of good things, then how can abundance possibly come your way? Brene Brown has a Week of Worthiness going on over at her blog to promote what looks like an amazing new dvd that she just released. Its inspired bloggers everywhere to discuss worthiness, and it feels a bit like an uprising to me. Some of the blogs are hosting giveaways of the dvd, and to enter you are asked to put in the comments section – I am worthy, or some other variation of that. You scroll down and see person after person declaring that for themselves, and it starts to feel really powerful.

I think that there is something to be said for doing anything in numbers, and I am all for a Worthiness Movement :) To know that we are born as perfect beings that are worthy of all of lifes richness (and not just the monetary kind), is a gift. Finding our way back to that is the challenge. It is amazing to read how others feel about worthiness and a lack thereof, people feel it in terms of everything from their bodies, to their homes, to their wardrobe, and to just being enough. Being enough as a person. I will raise my hand here right now, and admit that I have felt this way in every one of those areas. It’s absolutely true. And at some point it has become uncomfortable for me to feel this way any longer. There is a separateness that comes from it, and there is no need for it. You can clearly see that, as you read the blogs that are participating in this week of worthiness. There is no separation in us as people, and there should be no separation in each us from all of our perfection at the soul level.

I’ve said before that I believe our beauty is inherent, it's in our cells and in our souls, and I believe the same goes with worthiness. It's not about perfection, how much you get marked off a to-do list, how others perceive us, or what we have in life - it about understanding that we can step back into that soul level perfection every moment, every day - no matter what. Whether you've had a good or bad hair day. Gained 10 lbs or lost 10 lbs. Have gray hair or no gray hair. Are working at your dream job or not. Are feeling full of energy or choose to lay on the couch. Feel comfortable in a bathing suit or not. Are paralyzed by fear or are always jumping right in with both feet. Have a mountain of debt or have money coming out of your ears. Own a home. Are homeless.  Rent a home. Exercise 7 days a week or think about exercising 7 days a week (this could go on forever...). What I'm trying to say is that no matter what you think you should have to be or do, before worthiness can find you...we each already possess it in this very moment. It lives in each of us. You don't need to check things off the list before you can claim it.

I am choosing to claim it for myself. Declaring it for myself. I am worthy. I am enough. What about you? Declare it in my comments, there is power in numbers.


  1. Amen. I'm all for a worthiness movement. Singing it with you - I am worthy. I am enough.

  2. :-) i am worthy and i am enough and that feels pretty wonderful, xoxo

  3. Emma, Alana and Dar - you are all so lovely, enough, and worthy...thank you for standing with me. xo


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