Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Little of Me.

I have the feeling that something big is on the horizon. I am feeling alive, and inspired to live, love, create, nurture, and use my voice (for good not evil - of course). I found this meme over at Kate's blog and loved it. Because I think that being open is an important part of my journey, I decided to dive in and play along!

I am: creative. sweet. silly. quiet. easy going. trustworthy. insecure. detail oriented. quirky. a great teacher. positive. sensitive. a worrier. level headed (i'm a Libra). a pig tail wearer. happy. sad. scared. strong. big hearted.

I think: that the world would be a better place if people were nicer to one another

I know: that I am a beautiful soul.

I want: to embrace an abundant life full of all of the things that I've forgotten I deserve

I have: hope for the future

I dislike: people who bully others

I miss: collaborative creative work, I feel like some of my best work has been born out of collaboration

I fear: living small for the rest of my life - being stuck because of fear. not realizing my dreams

I feel: filled with hope and anticipation, and scared with a little twinge of ohcrapwhatsaroundthecorner at the same time

I hear: music - it's been a Pandora Radio kind of day

I smell: pineapple and eau de labrador retriever

I crave: connection, creative expression and sometimes mexican food ;)

I usually: put too much importance on what others think of me

I search: for the good in every situation

I wonder: if I will really be able to step into my power

I regret: the way that I've spoken/treated myself through the years. thankfully, now I know better - most of the time ;) it's a process

I love: my love. and my dog. they are my family, and fill my days and nights with fun, love, richness, and joy. I know that no matter what, good times or bad (and we've had both), they are there for me. loving me -endlessly

I care: about people's well being - including my own

I am always: silly, even if I don't show you

I worry: that I won't be perceived as a grown up

I remember: being completely connected to my creative abilities when I was a child, and I'm working on getting back there

I have: a strong desire to do some kind of creative work, that involves inspiring/empowering girls

I dance: all of the time! with my love. with my dog. in the kitchen. in the living room. in the bathroom. in the bedroom. not in public unless some alcohol has been consumed (working on this one)

I sing: whenever I hear a song that I know the words to, and that's pretty often. some people know movie lines, I remember song lyrics

I don’t always: do the things that I want to, mostly because of fear

I argue: rarely. and when I do, it's something I feel passionately about. it usually only lasts until I remember it's my ego talking

I write: because I'm amazed at the things you learn about yourself along the way

I lose: my mind over stripey socks and boots

I wish: to live a fulfilled life and to accept that I can dream HUGE for myself - there need not be barriers or limits

I listen: to music with a fervor, and my intuition as often as possible

I don’t understand: violence

I can usually be found: at my dining room table. *aka the office/art studio

I am scared: that I won't ever be a Mom

I need: connection, creative work, music, and joy

I forget: that I am a big strong girl

I am happy: when I'm connecting with others.  and when I'm out in nature


  1. i consider this a womanifesto, and i love it. even though we've never met live and in person (something i surely do hope will change one day soon), i know you tell the truth here, and i hope you'll print this out and carry it in your purse. paste a copy on your wall. use a copy as a bookmark. create a separate page for your blog and post this there. i smile imagining this pouring out of your fingertips.

  2. I just found your blog via Windshield Thinking (as a fellow Honest Scrab awardee), and just love your sense of self and the way you share your thoughts ~ I can relate to so many of your above statements - - I also, remember being a young and creative and feel a strong pull to get back to that, pronto :)

    Pleasure to meet you! :)

  3. Beautifully honest, heart-full, inspiring. When is our tweet up? :)

  4. Jeanne thank you for loving {me} because that's all I can be. And it did pour out of my fingertips, straight from my heart. Why is it that everytime you say that you are smiling...I smile? You are infectious that way ;)

    Cara it's nice to meet you! I will be heading over to your blog to get to know you. I'll be looking out to see where getting back to your creativity takes you.

    Alana thank you for seeing me :) I'm ready for a play date...I mean tweet up!


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