Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Story of Stepping In.

photo via Lin Pernille

I have been reading a ton about stories. You know the ones that belong to each of us? The ones we've claimed, woven into our lives, and let take root. If you wanted to live the life of your dreams...what story would that require you to give up? Or rather...what would story would you have to step into? A version of this question was recently posed by two people | Kate Swoboda who is doing a fabulous e-course called The Courageous Year, and Jamie Ridler via last weeks Wishcasting. I've been considering what stories I would have to give up or step  into. The first thing that comes up - is that I'd have to step into feeling deserving of all good and abundance. ouch. The second thing that comes up - is that I'd have to step completely into being an adult, and not letting this wounded little girl that dwells inside have so much power over my life. yeeps. Next in line - is that I'd have to acknowledge that I'm talented, creative and capable of making a living being all of those things. really? This is all stuff that I know, stuff that I own, and stuff that I'm ready to really look at. I've been glancing...now it's time to put on the night vision goggles and really have a good looksey.

For some reason the "stepping into" zings me a little more than the letting go. Perhaps because owning a new version of the story is uncharted territory?? It's so much easier to look at what you've already got, or already know. But there's a point where it becomes unbearable to accept staying stuck, to keep doing the same old thing, and to not use the tools in your toolbox. My body, soul, heart, and mind are all giving me the signal. Go ahead...step forward...and bring that wounded little girl with you. You know what to do. You'll both make it. And you will both be healed in the process.

What stories would you have to step into, or let go of to live your life fully? Have you already? And if not...what keeps you stuck?


  1. Okay, well, you've clearly been in my head so you already know the answers to the questions, you just revealed them as your own. Fear keeps me stuck, fear of success as much as fear of failure, if that ain't a doozy of a mind-frak. Sometimes it absolutely chokes me. Then I'm inspired by others' stories of overcoming it, I gather courage, and I step forward and INTO the story with the happy ending. Or, more accurately, the happy story.

  2. Emma being afraid of failure and of success?...I am waving from over here. And yes it is a doozy. I'm working on feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Do you get a visual of me with my night vision goggles on and jumping off of a cliff or something? (cuz I do). You step away my friend, into that happy story - I'm picturing you leading a marching band off into the sunset for some reason ;)

  3. oh yes, i can see our emmajames leading a marching band off into the sunset. yes, yes i can.

    what stories would i have to step into or step out of to live the life i'd like? well, i'd step right in beside you on some of yours, then i'd also have to let go of the story that i am invisible and don't matter. i think i'd just have to roar my way out of that one.

    so good to see you back here. have missed you and your wisdom.

  4. Ummm...what emma said, and jeanne...and you.

  5. I'm so interested in this idea: What stories do we have to give up/step into to!? And I want to run with the two you mention.

    1. "Deserving abundance" - I've gotten to this one. We ALL deserve abundance and joy and whatever our hearts desire (as long as it's for the "good" of society/universe in general.) I truly believe this one. The book "Conversations With God" helped me here.

    2. Stepping into adulthood and the wounded girl - this is the one I'm working on. So good to hear you give voice to what's going on here. Like you, I don't want to lose her, so I'm figuring out how she fits in the "me" I'm creating!

    Thank you for getting me pondering my other personal stories!


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