Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Giving Away a Spot in An Experiment in Radical Creativity!

Hi all! I am doing my second giveaway in two days! A little taste of how Oprah feels!  Kate Swoboda has graciously offered to let me give away a free spot in her Across Mediums e-course. Kate is a life skills and creativity coach, and she's sharing her passion for COURAGE with the women everywhere. This is an opportunity to create and play without ANY pressure. Come courageous and enter yourself to win! It's going to be a lot of fun, and it starts next week.

So raise your hand if you're someone who... (This is who Kate sees signing up...and for the record - I'm raising my hand)

* hoards art supplies, telling herself that she'll use them (and then somehow that doesn't happen).
* secretly longs to quit her day job and spend long days sketching or painting or collaging at a studio desk.
* gets totally inspired when she buys the canvas at the art store, then feels paralyzed with fear or resistance when it's time to sit down.
* someone who makes the first brush or pen stroke, sighs and thinks, "That sucks," maybe gives it another few minutes and then gives up.
* would love to do something creative, but doesn't have the time or money to go to art school.
* would love to do something creative, but doesn't want to have people critique her work--why can't it just be fun?
* would love to create lots of artwork, but what would one do with it once it's finished?
* is creative on a regular basis, but has a "been there, done that" feeling about most projects and is looking for something new.
* promises herself that this time, she'll finish that sketchbook and yet...yet...yet...

This course is exactly what I need right now. I've been feeling stuck and blocked in just about every area, and Kate's perspective on having fun with it all, and letting go of the end result is the perfect prescription! I'm currently enrolled in her e-course The Courageous Year and I can speak to the incredible support and enthusiasm that she shares with me, and the other participants. Knowing this first hand, makes me feel confident saying that I'm sure this will be an incredible 14 day experience!

Kate says ~ You'll probably "mess things up," and hopefully have fun doing it!

Get a little taste of the course here:

Across Mediums: An Experiment In Radical Creativity from Kate Swoboda on Vimeo.

Kate's going to be leading the way to unleashing your creativity through writing, sketching, painting, photography, and getting your fingers into a little clay. Sounds good to me.

Sound good to you? Just leave a comment answering the following question,

"What keeps or blocks you from using your creativity?" Mine would be fear

And you could win a free spot in this great e-course!

I will also throw in another entry for anyone who tweets about this giveaway, just leave a seperate comment for each entry (if you tweet - leave your @info plz.)

You have until 9:00 p.m. PST tomorrow night (2/11/10) to enter.
Winner will be announced Friday morning.

**Please be sure to leave your email address in your comment
so that you can be contacted if you win with details about the course. Leave your email address in this oliveandhopeatgmaildotcom format or some derivative, to protect you from spam.

Good luck to you!

If you don't win and don't want to miss out on the fun... please go here to sign up.


  1. My list of things to do, those responsible things, the things that keep my house and husband's business running smoothly, those things keep getting in my way. I'm so bad at making time for myself, and once I do I sit there and think, "okay self, now what?" Once I break through the block, all is well, it's just getting there.

  2. Oh, fear is definitely my biggest obstacle to following my heart as well. And perfectionism, which is really just another version of fear. These e-courses sound very cool; I've never taken an e-course before. I'm intrigued!

  3. Time, fear, feelings of inadequacy. That weird idea that if I am not totally awesome at something there is no point in dabbling. Perfectionism....I scare myself! :)

  4. Forgot to include my email above! Duh!


  5. Oh, my! That's me...all of it! I would so love to feel free to be creative just because I want to (and need to). What blocks me from using my creativity is the belief that I don't have anything amazing enough to share. Fear that I don't have real talent is a big block too. Thanks for the giveaway! Trenda

  6. what blocks me from using my creativity is thinking that it's amateurish. what keeps me doing is having fun at it anyway.

  7. I'm In! My problem is not enough time, too stressed to feel creative and then I just let it go. I dream all the time about being an artist full time and selling my little bits of myself and making a living at it. Ahhh the peace that I feel when I am doing something creative! So...why do I not do it anymore? Oh yeah, time. :)

  8. #2 Miss Emma James - You win. Welcome to your first e-course :) Thank you so much to all of those who entered, I appreciate you stopping in. And thanks Kate for being so generous and giving away a spot!


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