Friday, October 30, 2009

Touches of Halloween.

Every year we try to decide how much to decorate for Halloween. We don't have any wee ones yet, but we are pretty enthusiastic about (all) holiday decorating nonetheless! There is a point where decorations go overboard, and I will admit it....I have been an offender once or twice, (especially when we were first together) it was a holiday decor explosion. Our two worlds collided and a holiday sonic boom ensued! We have since tamed it down and brought it back to a respectable level, one that this "self respecting designer" can live with. My honey and I are both silly and easily entertained, and this is one of our outlets.

I thought I would share my favorite little guy this Halloween before it's too late.

I just love him.

I love his vintage quality first, the striped arms and legs, and the jack o lantern bucket he's carrying. He pretty much just makes me smile. We are gearing up for tomorrow night....holding out hope that we will get more than one or two trick-or-treaters (like we do every year). We'll be enjoying our Halloween Eve by carving pumpkins, looking for something spooky to watch, and preparing our wonder pup for the possibility of lots of knocks on the door tomorrow night.

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