Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ready for Fall - Inspired by Nature

I am ready for Fall! What about you?... In some parts of the country, I'm sure that some of you lucky people are experiencing the beginnings of Fall, but here in Southern California we are getting ready for a heat wave! ugh. *disclaimer- I love and feel blessed to live here, this happens to me every year...It just doesn't arrive fast enough! Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year, and I can't wait to "free" my new Fall clothes that have been locked up in the closet. I love to layer, wear sweaters, boots, and oh how I miss being able to wear jeans without getting overheated....

Not only do I love the weather in Fall, but I also love the colors - different hues of oranges, teals, ochre, greens, purples, and orangey reds. All so beautiful and earthy - completely nature inspired. I have been really trying to be present when I am outside and appreciate my surroundings, it's amazing how you can clear your mind of any junk, just by taking a second to breathe, look around and appreciate the world we live in.

You can find a lot of inspiration outside - look around for colors that soothe you and try to bring those into your home or wardrobe. Think about picking up some pillows to toss on your sofa in one of Fall's wonderful colors to get a quick and easy update. You can also simply add a "Fall feel" to your wardrobe, just by adding in a key accessory or two. I will be posting some of my inspiration photos in the upcoming weeks....

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