Sunday, February 13, 2011

me and you.


I've been feeling a little frustrated this week - the assignment from Get Your Paint On, is kicking my booty a bit. The first week was a tighter, more defined assignment, we did a painting based on a Gee's Bend quilt. My thankfulness meter was at an alltime high - clear direction, yes. This week is much looser...we are to pick an artist that we're inspired by and take an element, a color palette, etc. from them and make it our own. And good.ness have I been lost in my head! Mati & Lisa have been excellent teachers, and gave great advice - not to think about it too much. I'm tryin' ladies. Really, I am. I've looked at so much art, and that's been great. But on the flipside, having such a broad field to pick from is giving me fits. The good news about this, is that I am in this. All the way. And I'm not backing down from the challenge. So there you have it.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day I decided to write a love not to you & me.

Dear you. Dear me.

there is no one like you. anywhere. on the planet. really. that's great news, right? if there is no one like you or me, that takes some of the pressure off. in fact, it takes comparisons right out of the equation. you can't compare unique characteristics. {plain and simple}. so anytime you are feeling lost or overwhelmed remember that you are perfect just as you are. you have gifts that only you possess. you are amazing. you are one of a freaking kind. and you have something to offer this world. you already possess it. it's not something that you have to work for. have to find. or have to win in a competition. it is already inside of you. when moments of doubt creep in. when you are looking at others accomplishments. all you have to do is stop. take a deep breath. and listen to your heart. it has all the answers. lean into those fears of yours. you will make it through to the other side. remember that baby steps are a recipe for success. and it's important to celebrate now...don't wait for holidays, anniversaries, birthdays. celebrate now. celebrate the little things. they add up to big things. especially when you allow yourself a little bit of cheering!

your biggest fan.


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