Friday, September 3, 2010

It's Been a Wild Week.

It's been a wild week. I had amazing, quiet moments of reading. I read Pema Chodron's "When Things Fall Apart", and it's so good. Seriously. Good. In fact, I turned around and started it all over again this morning. I also overcommitted myself to things that don't serve me. I was offline more than I wanted to be, yet I think I needed it. I started a new eating routine. Experienced more technical difficulties with the computer than I care to discuss. Had the world's worst PMS. Felt all out of sorts with my life, and out of touch with the things that bring me joy. Sat in the feelings I was having. Overcame a huge mental block with yoga, and finally went. Saw places in my life that I am not setting boundaries, and also set a few boundaries. It's been a roller coaster. And at some point, I finally sat back and decided to enjoy the ride.

5 things I'm grateful for this week -

watching my pup in the side mirror of the car, with his ears and his lips flapping in the wind.

time to read, and the peace and quiet that came along with it.

the opportunity to see the issues I have with setting healthy boundaries.

y o g a.

the support of good friends. friends who care about you, and your well being. out of pure love.

Where have you been this week? And what are you grateful for?

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