Friday, September 10, 2010

Celebrating Me.

Thinking of birthdays, and celebrating me. Honoring myself isn't always easy. I am three weeks away from entering a new decade, and so I will celebrate where I've been, and what is yet to come. All things big and small.

This year, there is a bit of sacredness around my birthday. There is both tenderness, and hope. There are tears, and happiness. I'm embracing it all, and am ready to look forward to what's ahead. I'm going to be taking a road trip to Northern California with C, and spending a couple of days in San Fran. Enjoying the coast all the way - up and back down again. This year, more than parties, I long for circling up with those that I love, and celebrating life as it is. Intimacy, and love. That's where I'm at. Oh....and I also long for shoes. And boots. I've been feeling a little obsessed lately. I think I will be doing some shopping while in SF so if you've got any great spots, please share.

This weeks five things, celebrate me.

I went to school for interior design and paid for it myself, despite not being supported or understood by my family. They didn't think I could make any money doing it. I did it anyway.

I've always had my own sense of style. I've gotten a lot of "that's so you" in my lifetime. When I was younger it hurt me sometimes. Now, I say thank you.

I can make a mean turkey meat loaf. In fact, C said when he got home today, that he could eat it everyday. I have a couple of meals that I do well, and I take pride in them.

I am not, nor ever will I ever be interested in spending so much of my time cleaning that I have no time for fun. Fun always wins out. And because we don't love living in a mess, we work it out. I like this about myself.

While I am no domestic diva, my house is filled with love. And that's something I can celebrate.

It's amazing how hard I had to think to come up with this list. My darling little inner critic chiming you don't want anyone to think that you're too full of yoursef, so be careful. I hear you dear one. And while I'll admit that I walked the safe line, I'm happy that I did it anyway.

What things about yourself do you celebrate? And is it hard for you?  I'd love to know.


  1. Decade birthdays...BIG stuff! I'll be hitting the BIG 5-0 at the end of the year...and I'm still thinking about how to celebrate my life! Sounds like you have a nice little trip planned...Hooray for you! Celebrate you!

  2. i'm celebrating my birthday next week and i find myself quite in love with interior design again, even though it was a decade ago that i stopped working in the field.

    and ditto on the whole cleaning of the house thing. :)

  3. so happy to hear that you are taking time to truly celebrate.
    and if you happen to be passing through lalaland on this road trip, let me know ;)

  4. HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to you my friend. SO happy to see you celebrating the things that make you so special. Embrace it all. YOU are FABULOUS! xo

  5. There is so much power in this post! Love, intimacy, and Shoes... Yay! :) Celebrate it all beautiful one.

    As far as me - I just got to celebrate a birthday as well and am still celebrating...each opportunity that is oddly coming my way, the mess we have in our home that means it was one more minute we spent having fun instead of cleaning, the blessings I become more and more aware of each day.

    I also celebrate your kind comment on my blog - thank you!!

    Here's to the party continuing... :)

  6. well, this sure sounds like a birthday celebration. one that befits you, my friend.

  7. Well, I've not had time to read anything lately... and oh, my heart nearly burst open reading about the sacred part of this time for you! Here's hoping for many blessed and perfect moments ahead, darling. A little good luck never hurt either so I'm sending some your way. An extra happy birthday to you, honey!! Yay! :^)


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