Friday, August 20, 2010

Hello Friday.

I'm sitting here looking back on my week so far, and I'm feeling grateful for my phone's camera. I snapped more photos this week than I have in a long time...and I'm so happy I did! This week's 5 {8} things is going to be in photos....(ok, so half of them). My week has been full of so many blessings.

My funniest moment of the week. I tried to tweet about this incident, but it was really hard to convey in 140 characters. I got the biggest and best belly laugh. It started with me running an errand, and I wanted to take the pup along. I put him in the backseat, and noticed the trash cans needed to be pulled in (glamorous real life detail), so I ran out and did that. I promptly hopped in the car and drove off....It wasn't until I was halfway to my destination that I became aware of the pup acting strangely, and noticed the golf clubs in the back seat (with the dog!).

I called him up to the front seat...thinking that he would sit on his butt and ride like the gentleman that he is (most of the time), and he simply could not wrap his brain around sitting (actually sitting down) in that seat. So he rode like this the whole way, with me laughing and laughing, and trying to explain sitting in the passenger seat to him. This was the best shot I could get, since he is so big and I was so close.

Me just moments after checking into the hotel on our mini vacation. On the deck of the balcony...breathing in the ocean air.

Sitting outside at the hotel restaurant, and enjoying happy hour with friends. Sun kissed cheeks, the sound of the ocean, conversation, cocktails, and laughter. Nuf said.

Me the day after we returned home. Working on a painting (which is calling me back to finish as I write this). I was feeling the call of duty and responsibility...unpacking, house cleaning, e-course work, etc. and yet the whisper to paint was greater. So I went with my heart. Resumed work on two canvases in progress, and one that was blank and waiting for love. It was a very good choice.

The other great part of my week, has been feeling the urge to dabble in design again. It's calling me, and I'm happily looking at ways that will work for me. One of which is to hold a local sale with a fellow design friend...featuring some of the flea/vintage finds I am collecting! (note to self...snap photos while out shopping).

I also had a chance to reflect on, acknowledge, and let go of an old story. We were driving near UCSD, and I was reminiscing about being on campus with an old friend. I remember feeling a sense of reverance standing in a lecture hall, loving the beauty of the campus, and wishing I could go there. This made me remember a similar experience on the campus of UCSB. The tears flowed. I was telling C that I always wanted to go to University, and that I just don't think that I believed that I deserved it. I let the tears fall, and I said...I'm sad for that girl. And I am so happy that today I know that she did, and I do.

Getting some love notes/tweets from happy ring purchasers. Oh, how I love that. It makes me happy to know that so many amazing women are out there wearing my rings.

Oh...and reconnecting with people you love on facebook (Chloe). Highlight of the week for sure!

I hope that your week has been full of blessings, realizations, belly laughs, and connecting with people you love.


  1. well, this just sounds like a lovely week. the dog story/snap made me smile. the story/snap of the beach made me smile. the story of knowing the numbers of bejeweled gals is growing made me smile. the decision to go with your heart and finish chores later made me smile. the snap of your painted toes made me . . . jealous;)

  2. Julie, thank you. I've been out of touch online, yet so in touch. xo

    It was a lovely week, and a full one too! I should have taken video of the dog laughing alone would have been worth the price of admission ;)

  3. I laughed OUT LOUD reading the story of your dog in the front seat. It's Hilarious! SO happy you are enjoying some time by the water and listening to your whispers. I have been making time for reconnecting with girlfriends as well lately and it has been GLORIOUS! Wishing you another week filled with LOVE and blessings. xo

    ps. I am behind on blog reading too.


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