Friday, July 2, 2010

She's Earned Her Wings.

I've officially graduated from flying lessons. Today I am donning my cap, my gown and my wings. I learned so much from taking this e-course, and I look forward to putting all of what I learned into practice. Some of the things that I want out of this life are to make good money, while running my own creative business. Have time for play, and friends and family. And to make a difference. I have some big thoughts on this subject...they actually came into being prior to me signing up for the e-course, and now since completing it...I can see that it's possible to do all that I want to. The most important place for me to start, is believing that it can become a reality. In this moment, I do. And when I have those feelings of overwhelm, and fear (which are sure to come) I will take a deep breath and come back to the start. Breathe. Believe. Begin again.

She takes off her cap, tosses it into the air and does a happy dance...Glass of bubbly anyone?

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  1. Flying lessons have been amazing. It should be interesting to see where the journey continues to take us all =)

  2. Love your post....I feel exactly the same.

  3. Jen you are so right, it has been fabulous. This is an exciting time, and I can't wait to see what happens for all of us either.

    Thank you Diana! Off we go, right?

  4. I'll share a glass of bubbles with you! chink, chink!


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