Friday, July 9, 2010

Fun Facts.

Short and sweet. Friday's F today - fun facts.

I have all four of my wisdom teeth. I had four other teeth pulled when I got braces, and I guess that made room for them to slide on in.

I was legally blind until I had Radial Keratotomy which was the surgery before laser was FDA approved. I'm talking...not able to read the Big E on the eye chart! I remember one of the first things that I saw that shocked me - there were trees on the mountains, that I had lived at the base of since I was born. Man, was that a eye opening - literally. I did know there were trees up there, I had just never been able to make them out, until I was all the way up the mountain ;-)

Because of being legally blind until I was 21, and the impact it had on just about every aspect of my life...I have been on a mission to find a cool vintage eye chart to hang in my house. So if you ever come across one, let me know.

I have never been outside of the U.S. I have a wish list of trips, and plan to take them...don't you worry. Ironically, I married a man with massive travel anxiety - enough for both of us. Not so fun of a fun fact! *note to self, find travel companions.

I prefer dark chocolate. This is a new development...does this come with age?

If you feel like sharing something about yourself, please do. I'd love to get to know you better. Happy Friday!

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  1. Oh man. 4 teeth pulled...and to get braces on...ouch! I'm having a wisdom tooth pulled next week...the 2nd one that's come in, but the only one that's given me a problem. Fun fact about that is that 3 of my adult teeth just never came in...luckily they weren't noticeable like my front teeth!!

    Enjoying your fun fact fridays =)

  2. Just found your blog! I love this fun fact fridays! :)

    That is amazing that your sight was able to be restored!! I had lasik about 4 years ago, I wasn't blind but well without my glasses the world was the biggest blur ever. I am thankful everyday to be able to open my eyes and see, clearly! Sight is an amazing thing!

  3. ok soething about me? um um um ... I could eat hummus and pita every single day until FOREVER!

  4. i've got terrible teeth, but a good dentist. or i had a good one...and i'm hoping the recommended dentist is good too.

    i'm SO happy to be living back in california.

    i love dark chocolate now too, especially green + blacks dark chocolate wih cherries, or hazelnut and currant.

  5. I don't feel completely dressed uless I have a flower on me...somewhere. On my shoes, in my hair or clipped to something I'm wearing.

  6. Dark chocolate. Yum. Say no more.

    Will keep an eye out for an eye chart. I'm looking for a vintage typewriter, if you come across one on your hunting trips, btw. :)

  7. oh Kristen! I hope that your new dentist is a good one...there is nothing worse than a bad dentist. I think I may have experienced one of the worst. I'm happy that you are back too, and summer is finally here. hazelnut and currant sounds delish.

    Nic I love that! You even add them into your work. Flowers have a great effect on me - instant mood lifter.

    Em was it age for you? Or have you always been a dark chocolate lover? I'm still trying to figure that out...I'll keep my eyes out for a typewriter on my travels.


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