Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Everyday Courage.

Do we avoid risks in life...so that we may make it safely to death? - philosoraptor via fear.less

Today's post is about courage, and not the fists in the air, I'm gonna punch you in the nose if you hurt me kind. Or the jumping out of airplanes kind. I'm talking about the kind of courage that we face each and every day. I think courage is found even in the baby steps. Trying something new - without having all of the answers. Following your own path, your unspoken desires. Telling someone about your dream, knowing full well you may not be understood. Taking a class in something that you are interested in, but have no idea how to do. Even in searching the interwebs for places to take said class. Looking yourself square in the eyes in the mirror, and recognizing your full power - Simply because you are alive. Looking into that same face in the mirror, and saying I Love You (even if it feels funny to do it at first). In my opinion these are all acts of courage. Whether the action is big or small, if you are willing to try...that is courage my friend. I watched two really inspiring videos over the last few weeks. I've included them below. If you haven't already seen them, I highly recommend you do. Neither is very long, and so so worth the few minutes it takes.

We aren't expected to be perfect, and to not make mistakes...by anyone other than ourselves. Everyone feels fear at times, everyone stumbles, everyone makes errors, and everyone has (earmuffs) oh shit (earmuffs release) moments. So let's not hold ourselves (or anyone else for that matter) to an impossible standard. Let's dust ourselves off and move forward.

"Excellence comes from the drive to get back up" - Danielle La Porte

*this video was found via Tiffany Moore aka Crafty Fanny 

And I also highly recommend watching Elizabeth Gilbert's video from O magazine's 10 year Anniversary party. It reminds me how important it is to listen to my intuition, my inner voice - the one that leads me down the only path that exists for me. The talk reminds me that it's ok not to know the way, it's ok to make mistakes. That we are on a journey that only women in the last 80-90 years are on, blazing trails, risking failing, making our marks, making the world a better place, finding our way through so many choices, choices that were not available to the women who came before us. The only place of power is that of where we are standing right now. No comparisons to other women, or humans, or the dog (what a life!). Celebrate your authentic life, the real you - there's no one alive that's youer than you (Dr. Seuss). The importance of self forgiveness. The importance of sharing our journeys, so that we might learn from one another. The shame, the fear, the self doubt have no place in this picture; because if we don't share how we are feeling, what we have been through, or what we are currently going through - we might just miss out on sharing a gift with someone else. We are making the way for future generations of girls and women. See how pumped up I am? Now don't you want to watch it?...Really, you should.

I hear the inner critic saying...you're rambling, you have no business writing this. Who do you think you are? My bit of courage right now, is to answer that voice and say...I am me. And this post comes straight from my heart, and if it's rambling...so be it. But I won't be afraid to share my words and both of these amazing videos. Thank you little miss inner critic for giving me the opportunity to be brave. (*picture me cupping my hand to the side of my mouth here - because I'm letting you in on two little secrets). I like to thank her, because she does have lessons to teach if I listen...but sometimes I get the urge to kick her in the shins or pull her pigtails. Hey...I'm only human right?

What little or big thing makes you feel brave?


  1. wow, those videos are amazing. thank you so much for posting them. elizabeth gilbert's speech, especially the last half is pretty inspiring...so much permission to just be, with basically one rule: self-preservation.

    wonderful post =)

  2. Thanks Dian. I loved both videos, and you are right...the second half of Elizabeth's video is sooo good!

  3. Ah! Both the videos are awesome. I too love the Elizabeth Gilbert one. LOVED how she talked about women needing to give themselves a break sometimes. Such good, good stuff! PS. I think your rambles are lovely :)

  4. Thank you so much for sharing these!! I never saw the one of Elizabeth Gilbert at the O party - or the Kelly Corrigan one (and I am SO going to get a K. Corrigan book to read!!) .

    I love how you're loving your inner critic (even while occasionally wanting to pull her hair - grin). Amazing stuff here - thank you so much!!

    What little or big thing makes me feel brave? well, reading posts like yours here or hearing this kind of thing (if i was talking to someone in person) - not sure whether that's big or little - but hearing a person talk passionately about what's touched them, hearing someone share about how they work WITH their own critic (as opposed to trying to kill her off) - that gives me SUCH a feeling of - and appreciation of - being able to keep on keepin' on myself. So, again- thank you!

  5. It is morning here in Germany and I wanted to pop in real quick to say "thanks" for checking out my blog. Instead I was ENCOURAGED, INSPIRED to change my routine for the morning and continue working on the little idea that is coming up BIG AND STRONG as a result of Kelly Rae's class. Thank you my friend.

  6. Tiffany thanks for popping in! (and for the K. Corrigan link). We do need to give ourselves a break sometimes..no? It's good for the soul. And thanks for appreciating the ramble, sometimes I get excited and it just all comes tumbling out. :)

    Oh Karen! I'm so happy that you hadn't seen either. They have both been on my mind, and I was thinking that they may be a bit redundant...but now that I know you are seeing them for the first time - that's all I need to hear! Working with my inner critic is something I've only learned this year. She's here to stay, and she means well...so might as well figure out how to work with each other ;) Right? Yet it's perfectly acceptable to want to give her one in the nose every now and then! (she says with a sly smile).

    Robin thanks for stopping by. As I'm going to bed, you are up and rolling with your big and strong ideas! I am so excited for you...and can't wait to see what is to come.

    Thanks ladies for sending me off to sleep with such kind words. I will surely have sweet big dreams tonight!

  7. hi my "flying" friend. i love your brave words. i ramble too and i needed to read your permission to do so...after all it IS me. thank you! your expressions of courage are so beautifully written. you have a gift for writing dear girl. i haven.t seen elizabeths video...so i am on my way over there. thank you for sharing that.
    for being authentically YOU in this post.

  8. You are the most fabulous delight and these words, your words, are gorgeous, courageous and inspiring. I'm so THRILLED you published them for all to benefit from the multitude of gems.
    Pure deliciousness!

  9. Chrissy I was at your blog months ago, meandered away and hadn't been back, I'm so happy to have found you flying along with the rest of us. And to be reminded again of how much I love your space and your words. :) I hope you loved Elizabeth's video as much as I did. Thank you so much for your sweet words! Happy soaring.

    Em! Your words make my heart smile my friend. Thank you for taking the time to read mine. xo

  10. you are authentically you, and missy, the world is a better place because of that. now say it with me: no more self-sabotage - in any form;)

  11. i'm coming back for second helpins, coming back to answer your question. what have i done that makes me feel brave? last night made me feel brave. telling you and emma and julie bits of my fears, stories, and plans. last night i dialed into a call with 3 wonderful women, and that made me feel brave.


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