Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beautifully Balanced.

I was on a beach walk the other day and stumbled upon this piece of driftwood with rocks stacked on it. It made me think of the delicate balance of BEing. When I am gentle with myself and where I'm at, it allows me to fully be present and celebrate myself. Not for what I have or haven't done, but for just BEing. Life is lived in the present moment, and when I find myself worrying about what I should be doing, regretting the past or what if'ing about the future I begin to feel a sense of heaviness. And I feel a bit more like a pile of rocks...I'm talking a huge pile of boulders people.

This beautifully balanced stack of rocks is what I want to feel like. Just that - beautifully balanced. Able to face change, fear, insecurity, anger, sadness, joy, peacefulness, calm, happiness and know that where I'm at is just fine. Not to take on more than is healthy for me, and not to pile myself so high with self imposed expectations that I risk toppling over from the weight of it all. It's a moment to moment thing, and it's a choice. I get to choose each moment to BE who I am, where I am, in all of my glory...just like this beautiful stack of rocks.


  1. Love this! I'm always mesmerized by those rock stacks too, whenever I stumble upon them. Beautiful and joyous!

  2. now why don't i ever find anything as beautiful as this when i walk on the beach? oh, yeah, right: i don't walk on the beach. too busy, too tired, too something or other. but maybe tomorrow (seein' as how i am actually on the beach), i'll set aside my dislike of sand and the list of things to do and go to walk. if i find anything interesting, i'll let you know. xo


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